Inventory management robot

KLS-robot is a flexible solution that can be tailored and adapted to any room, regardless of the room's size in the height, width and length. KLS-Nordics pillerobot gives not much sound:) It is measured to be between 35 – 42 dB, which is to describe as very low noise. This is partly due to the thoughtful décor. KLS-robot is designed so that the robot arm has the shortest distance to all goods, and since it is the arm, which can be heard when it moves in accordance with the goods, we have thus reduced the level of sound.


  • 15 years of service life
  • Power load module - loads 200 items in 15 min.
  • 10 years service guanratee -no extra costs for 10 years.
  • Service support with hotline
  • Future-proof software
  • Optional location of outputs, as appropriate for your pharmacy
  • Handles all kinds of goods (round, elongated, heavy and beautiful)