Open 24 hours a day

With KLS-Nordics new APO 24/7 you can offer your customers service 24 hours a day.

Now, customers can order items to pick up right where you choose to place your 24-hour pharmacy. APO 24/7 is very easy to operate. When you have an agreement with a customer for an item that loads of the item in the robot and provides the customer with notification via SMS or email, which contains the PIN-codes. Then the customer can pick up the item the agreed place, at the time that suits them best.

In practical terms, is Apo 24/7 located inside the store, where you can load the contracted goods. On the other side of the robot-facing the street-can choose a façade that is appropriate for your store. APO 24/7 can be integrated in all the facades, in the same way as the body of the robot will be adapted to the Interior of the store.